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vrijdag 21 juli 2017

What inspires me when building a coord

Finding inspiration for a coord is for some of us like a second nature. While if I look at myself I sometimes struggle with finding a concept for my coord. But I do have some tips and tricks for finding inspiration when you have a lolita-inspiration-block. As I don't really get all my inspiration from other lolita girls but also from looking at my dresses. From new items in my closet or movies that I watched.

Choose your main piece

This will be the first building block for your coord. With your dress you can sort out matching accessories that go well with the colors of your dress. Don't be afraid to make odd color combinations because as long as they are in the same color scheme it could work out in the end. Think about matching all dusty tones with each other, they have the same color tone so they work well with each other. This way you can find new coords with the items you already have. 

Giving your main pieces a closer look seems a bit weird but I tend to overlook details in print. After many years of owning a print I forgot about some small details. Like for example I found a unicorn in my Milky Planet JSK when I wore it the last time for the twin meet. I was completely in shock about this since I was 100% sure that there wasn't a unicorn in this print. Since I only remembered ice creams and bunnies. So this gave me a new boost to make a new coord with this print. 

Think about accessories

Accessories make a coord really pop out from the rest. I always pick my accessories according to the color theme of my base coord *main piece and blouse* 
This is where I get the most inspiration, playing with different bows, florals clips, hats, bonnets or even necklaces and bracelets. 
If I'm not working with a theme I go for what feels most like me and what makes me smile when I look at it. 

Get something new

My biggest inspiration comes from either combining things in an odd way or by getting new items. Those are my two main inspiration sources. Even if it is just as small as some floral clips, a new necklace or brooch. Having something new gives you the opportunity to work with your new item and see how it matches everything in your wardrobe. 
I love coording my dresses and accessories together on my free days to see how many combinations I can make.  If you don't have the money to buy something maybe you can try making your own things? It is definitely not always cheaper but that way inspiration might come to you even faster.

Still no inspiration?

If I'm really stuck with a coord I tend to visit online shops looking for items that cheer me up without buying them. Getting my mind of a coord helps a lot for me. In the past three weeks I was in a lolita-inspiration-block, feeling down about everything I put together nothing fitted like I wanted and it felt all the same. So I ended up getting my mind onto something else. 
In the end I found my inspiration back after talking to my friends about it and telling about the coords that I planned out.

Talking to friends about having no inspiration or sharing your coords with them when you feel stuck gives you a new view on things. For me this helps a lot! 
Currently I'm having so much inspiration that I need to write them down and draw things out for the future. 

So what inspires you when making a coord?
Please let me know! 

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vrijdag 9 juni 2017

5 tips to beat the heat in Lolita

When wearing lolita we all know that when it starts to get warmer outside we get really inventive with our coords. We do anything to keep ourselves cool in summer but we still want to look stylish and fit all the boxes within the fashion. 

Here are some of my favourite tips to keep your coords as airy as possible. 

Choose for a loose fitting OP

OP's come in many different shapes and sizes, that way you can pick the perfect dress for your body type. In summer I prefer lose fitting OP's, these dresses don't cling onto your body when it's hot outside. When you wear an OP you don't need to think about adding an extra blouse underneath or a cardigan to cover up your shoulders. 

Ankle socks for the win

Little ankle socks are great for summer and add some cuteness to your coord without the heat of OTK socks or tights. They are many different types when it comes to socks, you can go for a retro look with sheer socks or socks with lace on top. 
Some say you can't wear ankle socks with lolita but if it works with your coord go for it! 

Bloomers to prevent thigh chafing

This isn't your standard tip but this is definitely my number one tip when it comes to high temperatures. I know there are some products on the market to help with this problem but through my own experience that those chafing sticks don't help that well for me. That's why I wear light cotton bloomers that cover my thighs. This way my legs are protected with a light fabric and I don't have any pain from chafing or that horrible feeling of rubbing thighs. I really hate that feeling! 

Want to wear a JSK? Add a short chiffon blouse 

This year I added some basics into my wardrobe and some of them are cropped chiffon tops. They sit just beneath my bust line which makes them very short but perfect for under a JSK. Because of the chiffon fabric and the losse short fit it is very airy and doesn't cling to your body. I love wearing these short blouses under my dresses in summer time and I wish I had them sooner! 

Natural hair all the way

Especially for those casual days or smaller meetings you can use your own hair to create a nice hairstyle. A wig is very easy but also very hot, you can compare it with a hat that you don't take off when going inside our outside. You are sweating like crazy with a wig because the heat can't escape from your head nor does the wind come to your head to cool you down. For events you can choose for a half wig or go die hard with a full wig. But I suggest to keep your wig off till the very last minute before leaving the house and take it off when it is starting to irritate or you feel over heated. 

Bonus tips!! Cause we all love a bonus tips
  • Bring your own water bottle with you with cold water. We lose much more water when it's hot outside so stay hydrated.
  • If you have a parasol, use it to provide some shade when walking and sitting in the sun. This will decrease the temperature a bit.
  • You don't need to wear a petticoat 24/7 when wearing lolita. At smaller events or meets you can easily remove your petticoat when sitting on the table or on the ground for a picknick. Just add your petticoat again to your coord when making photo's. 
  • If you are feeling unwell because of the heat say it to your friends. Find a place out of the sun or go outside for some fresh air, sit down and eat something to help your blood pressure rise again. If needed remove excess layers like petticoats and wigs to help you cool down again.

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zaterdag 20 mei 2017

Madillustration, Patisserie brooch line review

It's been some time when I first heard about Madillustration. She is a traditional artist that finds her inspiration in lolita fashion. Her work is unique and very detailed. But when I first saw her work I fell in love with her style of art and started to follow her. 

About 6 weeks ago Madeleine from Madillustration posted her full Patisserie collection on instagram with the message that she was going to make some of the designs into brooches. This was my moment to stalk her page even more for more information cause this way I was able to buy some artist brooches from an artist I really admire. And I wasn't planning on missing out on the sale for these awesome brooch designs!
The full collection which is available for prints.

The brooch collection, one week before the release on the 5th of may.

The moment when I saw the final collection of the selected brooches it was really hard to pick my favourite ones. Cause aren't they all adorable and deliciously looking? The price for each brooch was £14,95 which is around 18 euro. The brooches would be limited to 10 pieces of each design so I was really scared that I would miss out on these brooches because I had no idea how populair they would be.

She opened her webshop at 11:59 on the 5th of may and I was ready to order my brooches. In the end I went for 2 items, can you guess which ones? I picked the doughnut to go with most of my cookie themed dresses and of course my melty cream doughnut dress and for the Madeleines Patisserie logo which goes great with any classical themed dress as well some of my sweet dresses. 

I placed my order as soon as the webshop opened and I was aware that the brooches would take some time to get to me. Since Madeleine was going on a little trip to Ireland for a couple of days. So that means she wasn't able to ship out the packages. On Monday the 14th I received my shipping notice with tracking information. For the international shipping I paid £4,95 which is around 6 euro and the package took 4 days to get from the UK to my place. I was really excited to get the note in my postbox that I could pick up my package at the post office the day after since I wasn't at home when they came.

The brooches where wrapped in a brown bubble envelope with a cute little sticker of Madillustration on the back. This was a nice detail and gives you the feeling that the items where packed with love and lots of care. Inside the envelope the brooches where packed in its own little plastic bag with tiny iridescent hearts and gold star flakes. Isn't that adorable and magical at the same time? 

In a little paper bag I found a personal note from Madeleine, a coupon for my next order and the same sticker she used on the outside envelope. These little things make you smile non the less. Even if it was only the little note I would happy as well with it. By adding these little details you really get the feeling that she loves what she does and that she is happy with the fact that you love her work too. 

When I took the brooches out I was amazed by the details on it. Most of the brooches I own have either a glossy finish or a matt finish. But this doughnut brooch has the best of both worlds I tell you! The glaze is shiny and super glossy while the dough is rather matt, isn't that cool? When it comes to the size they aren't much bigger than the ones I already own. Though they are lighter in weight than some of the ones I own. For the backing she used a pin which is sturdy and nicely glued on with no residu of the glue what so ever. Very professional looking I must say!

Overall I'm in love with my two brooches and I already tried to make some coords with them as well. The doughnut one goes perfect with my Melty cream doughnut dress as well as my Wonder cookie dress. I have no bad thing to say about these brooches or Madillustration. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes on her instagram for future designs!  

If you want a brooch for yourself there are still some available on her webshop! They are definitely worth the price and super cute. Sadly enough not every design is available anymore but the ones I picked are still there. 

Where to find Madillustration:

vrijdag 12 mei 2017

What sort of Tutorials I would like to see more of

Tutorials, the best thing about is that they explain how you can do it yourself. Though the step to actually making or recreating the project is a huge one. Especially for myself, I really like DIY things but I rarely make the step to making it myself. My Pinterest page is full of lovely projects both for lolita as well as everyday life but only a handful is actually used.

This made me rethink a bit about the tutorials you find online and the ones I miss the most. I've made a few hairstyle tutorials, make up and DIY ones but those aren't on a high demand because there are a lot of beauty channels on Youtube doing magical things. Though I keep making those because I like making them in general.

Coordinations, where to start?

While make up and hairstyle tutorials are really handy for lolita fashion and defining your style I do notice a lack in the coordination department.
There aren't many tutorials online for building a cohesive wardrobe or how to make a coord work. Using different themes in your coord or how to pick the right color that goes with your coord.
So my first wish for a tutorial would be a coordination tutorials. I'm thinking about making either a video or blogpost about this topic on how I make my coords. How I decide what items to use and what the key points are when choosing your coord.

Storage and hacks

Regarding coords and all the items we have there isn't much information about organising and storing clothes. I've seen some packing tutorials online which really help a lot but there aren't many DIY projects or hacks for storing your precieus items.
Currently I'm still working on my own dressing room that is completely for my lolita clothes. And I'm planning on doing a "room tour" or storing post about that in the future.

Social events, a survival guide

It would be nice to have some tutorials or how to's about bigger events, first meetings and getting in contact with other lolita enthusiasts. I think this would be a great help for new people or if you are ready to attend your first big event. If those things are new to you it's very easy to get overwhelmed by the atmosphere and the fact that you don't know that many people or that you have the feeling that you are the odd one in the room. Having a little inside into these events will help to lower the fear of attending meetings.

I think that these three are my top picks for tutorials, general information and having tips and tricks about this. On my blog I already have my Frills for all section that I started for informative reasons and to help out a bit. While making this post made me rethink the value of information about the fashion, in the old days we where referred to the Lolita handbook which is located on Livejournal. It covers the basic information about the fashion, though it is very dated the information on it is still accurate since this fashion looks still the same. Style have come and go but the basics are the same.
With this post I'm going to start of with my own version of the lolita handbook with an updated twist and my own view on the fashion. Some of my blogpost in the future will cover lolita basics and tutorials to help you out with coords, posing, events and much more. This way my Frills for all section will grow a bit bigger and help out more people that want to learn a bit more about the fashion.

Is this something that you would like to see too? Please let me know in the comments below!

See you next time,
Poppy xox

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maandag 24 april 2017

Royal Greenhouses

It's been a while since I made a blogpost about a meeting with the Belgian Community. But today that's going to change and this makes me really happy.
The Belgian Community is rather small and pretty much non existing both online and offline which makes me a bit sad. Because it would be so nice to have more regular meetings with people that share the same fashion intrest in your own country.

To make a change in this declining trend I organised a meeting to visit the Royal Greenhouses of Belgium. It was thanks to a fellow lolita member that pointed us into this direction and Im so glad she did. The greenhouses are open for public every year for two weeks so it was a short notice for the meeting.

Our group was rather small but big enough to enjoy the scenery of the greenhouses together without feeling overwhelmed by new faces or not being able to talk to all of them. I think it will bring the community a little bit closer over time if we have more meetings like this in the future.
It was nice to see that we could welcome two new faces to our group, one girl was from America but is studying in Belgium and the other girl was still waiting for her first coord to arrive but this didn't stop her from attending this meet.

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